Jonathan Jordan works with businesses, organizations and individuals that want to enhance performance by…

unleashing the power of the mind!

An award-winning speaker originally from Ireland, Jonathan has helped guide thousands of individuals and businesses to success in over 70 countries.

When you hear Jonathan speak, you will discover his remarkable ability to engage an audience with his blend of humorous stories and proven practical steps that can be applied immediately to achieve targeted results in your life and work.

Jonathan’s exciting talks and seminars include the following topics:

  • Mindfulness & Stress Management
  • Communicate Effectively With Anyone
  • Astonishing Customer Service
  • How to Achieve Targeted Results
  • How to “Train Your Brain”
  • Build Teams that Flourish
  • Sales & Marketing Success
  • The Art of Being Happy


Jonathan’s two most popular presentations are:

Awaken Your Mind,  Awaken Your Life


Change Your Mind, Change Your Business