Awaken Your Mind, Awaken Your Life

Discover How to Train Your Brain for Optimal Living

Jonathan Jordan works with people who want to live more fully by unleashing the power of the mind. In this program you will learn how to:

  • Use mindfulness to thrive even under pressure
  • Overcome fears and anxieties and break unwanted habits
  • Be happy now
  • Live the life you want, not the one you “have to”
  • Unlock the full potential already within you
  • Develop fulfilling and rewarding interpersonal relationships
  • Improve your memory and enhance brain fitness



Jonathan Jordan has spent a lifetime studying how to unleash the power of the mind. While living in the Himalayas, he trained with Masters of the ancient Eastern art of mindfulness. A current member of the prestigious Society for Neuroscience, Jonathan has a passion for helping others to live more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

This program can be tailored from a one-hour to an all-day event.

Because of Jonathan’s outstanding success working with large corporations, smaller businesses, and individuals, his services are in high demand. In order to engage his services, we strongly recommend you engage him now while he is still available.