Change Your Mind, Change Your Business

Discover How to Train Your Brain for Optimal Success

Jonathan Jordan works with organizations that want to enhance performance by unleashing the power of the mind. In this program you will learn how to:

  • Use mindfulness to thrive even when stressed
  • Increase brain fitness with simple exercises
  • Sell more and retain customers
  • Set and achieve goals on time
  • Rapidly build rapport with anyone
  • Greatly accelerate learning
  • Improve your memory


Jonathan has spent a lifetime studying how to unleash the power of the mind. This program is a perfect choice for any organization that wants to quickly implement performance-enhancement strategies based on the latest neuroscience research. When the McDonald’s Corporation heard about Jonathan’s strategies, they recruited him to head a worldwide program to enhance the training and development of all 1.7 million employees in over 120 countries.

This program can be tailored from a one-hour to an all-day event. Because of Jonathan’s outstanding success working with large corporations, smaller businesses, and individuals, his services are in high demand. In order to engage his services, we strongly recommend you engage him now while he is still available.